Get the glow, the light therapy facial

LED Light Therapy Facial

You know how I love facials and beauty treatments, well I was treated to a new sort of facial at the swanky Hershesons flagship store in central London. It’s drop dead gorgeous by the way and definitely worth a visit.

The Light Therapy facial promises to rejuvenate, refresh, lift and deal with a whole myriad of issues. It doesn’t take much more to encourage me to have a go! It’s also suitable for rosacea and eczema sufferers who are often excluded from beauty treatments such as facials.

The technical bit

LED Light Therapy Facial

Using LED light, this kind of treatment works at a cellular level activating skin cells into action, making them regenerate faster than they normally would. Different coloured lights deal with a range of issues from scarring to inflammation resulting in gorgeous glowing skin.

The experience

I was shown to a comfortable chair in the salon and the lovely Tara explained the process in detail. My skin was cleansed and then covered in hyaluronic acid. The lamp was then placed over my face and I was told to sit back and relax.

The light gently warmed up my face until I almost felt like I was laying on a beach somewhere exotic. It was a pleasant heat for the most part but felt a bit hot on my eyelids by the time the 20 minute treatment was over. This didn’t bother me as I knew the lights safe and cannot burn your skin.

LED Light Therapy Facial

The verdict

I was promised a youthful glow before I had the Light Therapy facial and glow is what I got. I cannot deny that my skin looked plumped and I had youthful looking rosy cheeks. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the glow kept going for a couple of days after the treatment.

As with all facials, it is advisable to book a course so that you can really see lasting results but if your skin needs a pick me up in a hurry you can’t go far wrong here.

Antonia x

I received a complementary Express LED Skin Health and Rejuvenation facial at The Hersheson’s salon in Berner St. All words and opinions are my own, written with thanks to Hersheson’s and Lion Communications.

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  1. Kate Jones
    06/12/2018 / 1:35 pm

    Sounds lovely! Will look into this in the new year as my skin always needs a bit of extra care post Christmas X

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